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Hot Springs & Happiness: What’s the Connection?

According to the leading science, after spending time soaking in the geothermal waters, aka hot springs, you’ll feel more content, upbeat and blessed. Put simply, you’ll be happier.

It’s time to get happy and plan a trip to Glenwood Hot Springs Resort! Researchers are learning that hot springs not only improve your sense of well-being, but soaking in them also imparts happiness.

Scientists define happiness as the propensity to feel positive emotions and the ability to bounce back quickly when life douses us with cold water. We think we know what makes us happy, but we’re oftentimes mistaken. Happiness is not having loads of money, owning expensive things or having endless amounts of leisure time. In fact, attaining happiness is much simpler and more accessible, especially when you add hot springs into the contentment equation.

Connect with fellow humans. As social creatures by nature, relationships are the foundation of a happy life but forging meaningful connections isn’t always intuitive. It is, however, easier when you’re immersed up to your neck in the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool. The geothermal mineral water relaxes both body and mind, making striking up a conversation with a fellow pool-goer a very natural and friendly thing to do. Try it and your endorphins will reward you with a blissful sense of belonging.

Unplug from technology. There are very few places left where you cannot take a smart phone; thankfully for your well-being, a swimming pool is still one of them. When you disconnect from technology, you free up the time and space to reconnect with people who are important in your life. Take the opportunity to splash around with the kiddos in the our enormous pool or catch up with a friend in the Therapy Pool.

Buy experiences, not things. Material possessions quickly lose their luster, while experiential purchases are inherently social, provide us with shared memories and make us more interesting people. Choosing experiences over stuff, especially if you make reservations for your Glenwood Hot Springs vacation in advance, will make you happier, according to experts. Watch your happiness increase incrementally as you count down the days to your trip.

Shed the hubris. Have you ever dreaded going to an event because you don’t have the “right” dress or a sharp suit? It doesn’t take a thesis’-worth of research to prove that feeling like you don’t fit in causes anxiety. One of the reasons people universally love pools is that we all have to strip down to the bare essentials—little bits of fabric in the form of swimsuits are essentially the same for everyone no matter who you are or where you come from—putting everyone on equal footing. How liberating!

Get outside. In addition to vital social connections, we are happiest when we feel a part of something greater than ourselves. According to National Geographic, humans are wired to be outside. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is the world’s largest hot springs pool. Soak in the healing geothermal waters beneath Colorado’s blue skies and get happy!

The happiness equation is an easy one to balance—just factor in a vacation in Glenwood Springs and remember to plan ahead for maximum joy!

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