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Raising the Barre at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

There’s no tip-toeing around it, the Glenwood Hot Springs Athletic Club is offering a new fitness class. Barre classes begin in January 2018. But what exactly is this fitness trend?

Barre is coming to the Glenwood Hot Springs Athletic Club. Barre is a French word that refers to the stationary handrail that provides support for ballet dancers during their warm up exercises. For ballerinas heating up their muscles, this portion of class is also called barre work. For our clientele, it’s a high-performance workout! 

Why Barre

It makes sense that to achieve the sculpted musculature of a dancer’s body, you would have to work out like a ballerina. But what if you weren’t endowed with an abundance of grace, rhythm or the right proportions? The good news is you can still get lean, strong and flexible—just like a ballerina—because anyone can hold on to the barre and use modified dance moves to improve their health, physicality and athleticism. In fact, Barre classes are perfectly suited for women and men at every fitness level, so why not embrace your inner Suzanne Farrell or Mikhail Baryshnikov?  

New class
Glenwood Hot Springs Athletic Club Barre classes are 45-minutes long and offered on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the Exercise Studio.

What you can expect from your Barre class

According to instructors Ann, Tara and Marissa, there are plenty of pliés, relevés and sautés—that’s ballet lingo for a series of movements that engage your abs, thighs, glutes and upper body, all while burning calories. Sometimes you’ll use props like resistance bands, hand weights and balls. Your Hot Springs Barre class will also include Pilates moves, as well as tried and true muscle builders like military presses, lateral arm raises and tricep lifts.

Benefits of Barre

Because of the emphasis on proper posture and alignment, your core muscles stay engaged throughout the workout. Having a strong core is one of the best ways to improve your overall wellness. Not only will you fit into those skinny jeans or that special dress, you’ll have greater ease of movement in other areas of your life outside the studio—from lifting your kids or grandkids to playing your favorite sport—your core is key. Other advantages include improved flexibility, balance, endurance, mental clarity and weight loss.

Special concerns

While Barre benefits anyone who takes a class, it can be particularly helpful for individuals who have certain health concerns. Pregnant women often experience unsteadiness as the months advance. Holding onto the barre makes it possible to safely enjoy a workout, burn calories and stay flexible without falling. Because Barre tends to be gentle on the joints, it’s also ideal for people suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia or back pain. Barre’s stretching and strengthening exercises help alleviate pain by building stronger muscles surrounding your joints.

What to wear

Barre may be a ballet-inspired class, but there’s no need to dress in traditional black tights and pink leotard, unless you want to of course. Opt instead for what’s comfortable. Yoga wear or tights and a tank top are perfectly okay. Barefoot or grippy socks work best on feet.

See you at the barre! 

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