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Spa Treatments: Good for What Ails You

Spa treatments improve your physical and mental well-being more than you’d think.

Going to an award-winning spa like the Spa of the Rockies at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort may feel like an extravagance, but in reality you’re giving your body the long-overdue attention it deserves. The results of a quality massage, body treatment or facial are substantive, both in the long and short term.

Consider stress; it’s a part of life. We all experience it to some degree in our day-to-day living. Some stress can be beneficial. It can motivate us or help us focus on what’s important. Too often, though, it’s the root cause of ailments. Stress can wear us down, leave us feeling overwhelmed and make us physically sick. The challenge is to shake it off or release it in a healthy way. If we don’t, stress will take a toll on our bodies with maladies ranging from moodiness to clinical depression, chronic conditions to cognitive decline.

Contrary to its indulgent image, spa services such as massage, body treatments and even facials provide an effective approach to neutralizing stress and can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. Here’s how you can reap the healing benefits of spa treatments:

Carve out time. With busy schedules, it’s easy to put off or forget to make an appointment for a massage. Make planning a regular spa appointment part of a time management routine you already have established; then ink it in on your calendar. Alternatively, book a future spa appointment when you check out from the spa after your initial treatment.

Match treatments to symptoms. If you’re unsure what treatment to select when visiting the Spa of the Rockies, listen to your body; it will tell you what it needs loud and clear. For example:

  • For sore, strained muscles, whether from a recent endurance bike ride or an ordinary weekend of gardening, the Kneipp Healing Massage incorporates potent arnica-based products that ease joint and muscle aches.
  • To recover more quickly after surgery, from an infection or a lingering cold, try a Lymphatic Drainage Massage.
  • According the Chinese medicine, the entire human body in mapped out on the feet and hands. A Unifying Reflexology Massage can target a specific area that is causing trouble.
  • For those just arriving at elevation, a High-Altitude Adjustment massage, which uses oxygen inhalation, can offset symptoms associated with altitude sickness.
  • Soothe dry skin and eczema with a Native Honey Steam Wrap or target just the delicate skin of the head, neck and face with a HydraFacial, a deep cleansing, non-invasive, medical grade facial.

Bring it home. Most spas, including the Spa of the Rockies, use products that complement or boost the physical and mental benefits of treatments—often they are available for purchase to take home with you for follow-up self-care. Using spa products at home is another way to relive and re-experience the benefits of your treatment until the next time you visit a spa for services your body and mind crave.

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