Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Anna Garcia in the Athletic Club for being named Employee of the Month! “Anna has been primarily working for the Athletic Club for two years, where she consistently sets and meets the standards of excellence,” Mark Volf, Athletic Club Manager, said. “Her positive, helpful and friendly attitude is greatly appreciated. Anna will pitch in and help other departments as needed, and many times without being asked, and Club members often give compliments regarding her work ethic and contributions. We truly value Anna as an employee, coworker and friend.” Great job, Anna!

Here is what Anna has to say: “I am honored to have been selected as Employee of the Month for May.  I was very surprised when my manager, Mark Volf, led me to the Club lobby and all of the managers were there and they told me I had been selected.  I must admit, I did cry! I would like to thank Mark for being such a great manager.  He is always very kind, friendly and always a great leader who shows patience and compassion.  Thank you Mark for allowing me to be part of your team at the Athletic Club.  Also, a big thank you to my fellow co-workers in the Club, Pool and Laundry.  We all work together as a team to make Glenwood Hot Springs a great experience for both guests and employees.  Thank you for always making me laugh!”

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