Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Pool and Spa in Glenwood Springs CO

Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge Geothermal Upgrades

After nearly 30 years of continuous operation, the geothermal heat system in use at the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge was in need of repair, and is undergoing a major upgrade which will take place in phases over the next two or three years.  The first phase began last year, which entailed the replacement of a geothermal powered ice-melt system on the north eaves of our roof. Phase two, which began two weeks ago, will replace the main geothermal heat transmission pipes which carry geothermal heat from our source spring up to the Lodge. This will require trenching a new path for these heavily insulated pipes which, if placed end-to-end, would cover nearly a half mile. This challenging path will run under a portion of our covered parking garage, beneath two guest rooms, and will then follow a winding underground path on the east side of our lodge, cross under 6th Street where it will eventually connect to our custom titanium heat exchanger submerged in the Yampah Spring, the main source for all of our pools and geothermal heat systems.

Geothermal heat from this spring has been used to heat our entire lodge building since its first day of operation in 1986. Geothermal heat has also been used to pre-heat the domestic hot water for all 107 rooms and for our in-house laundry operation. For several decades before the lodge was completed in 1986, this same geothermal heat concept was put to use in the pool’s laundry facility, the bathhouse and showers at the pool complex, including portions of our Athletic Club and Spa of the Rockies. All of this has resulted in a huge reduction in our consumption of natural gas and electricity long before our society became concerned about our collective impacts on the health of our planet – you could say we were green before green was cool!

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